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TrailFu Similar to the practice of Kung Fu, TrailFu is the process of one's training - the strengthening of the body and the mind, the learning and perfection of one's skills on the trail. It refers to excellence achieved through the long practice of mountain biking endeavors.
Pronunciation: \'Trail-Foo\
Function: noun
Etymology: Early Modern English, from Latin
I. of, relating to, or suited for trail riding
II. relating to a mountain biking lifestyle
III. experienced in or inclined to singletracks, fireroads, mud, scars, brutal climbs & epic downs
IV. the art of connecting riders to trail information at home and on the go

TrailFu is your source for Mountain Bike Trail data. Get detailed trail maps, access thousands of trails, add new trails, rate trails, view and upload photos. We are committed to building a strong Mountain Biking community, increasing trail stewardship and getting more people out riding.

Share your Ride Help us build and improve the site by providing local trail information. Please rate, add, and submit trail descriptions, upload your trail photos and GPS (KML and GPX) files to share with your fellow riders.

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